Redcats aka One Stop Plus Robbed Elderly Mother

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My elderly mother ordered clothes from One Stop Plus also called Redcats & many other bogus names.These criminals kept her $300 & never sent her the clothes that she paid for.

We have records to back it up. They gave her a bogus tracking number & bogus gift certificates which they now refuse to accept. She has requested her money back 10 times since they claim the items are sold out. They hang up on us & once they rob you they cut your phone off from calling them again with call block which gives a constant busy signal so you must use software to hide your caller ID to get around that.

They rob customers then use call block so the customers cannot get them by phone to request their money back. Then they called us threatening jail & said they work for One Stop Plus security. These are all drug cartel and illegals. These are hardened criminals & felons.

One Stop Plus aka Redcats also hijacked Lane Bryant company & stole their customers & hacked their records & stole everything from the elderly lady who owned Lane Bryant.

They falsely claimed that Lane Bryant had changed their name to Woman Within & sent out new catalogs entitled Woman Within to Lane Bryant customers by simply stealing her mailing list & doing business as "Lane Bryant now known as Woman Within." Lane Bryant was still in business & lost all her business to these swindlers.They lied & said there was no more Lane Bryant.

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There is no information to back this up. Plus, they don't know what they are taking about. Facts and specific information will be helpful to believe this claim


I have no idea what One Stop Plus did to you but on the last page you are claiming $2,000 rip off for yourself and now your mother being out $300.Also, Lane Bryant is a corporation with any franchise owners.

If you are going to *** into to get customers addresses/information wouldn't it be more beneficial to *** into the Corporate site?How do you not know that Lane Bryant didn't sell the information to them?

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